Are you traveling to England soon and do you want to know what British desserts and snacks you should really try before the end of your trip? Then you’re on the right place here! We will tell you all about which desserts and snacks to eat during your travels to England.

British Crumble with custard

As a dessert crumble with custard is the perfect go to British food. The most standard is to have apple crumble. However, during blackberry season they also have blackberry crumble as a dessert at some places, which we absolutely recommend!

English Crumble
English crumble

British Scones

Moreover scones with clotted cream and jam is a perfect sweet bite. This is tasty as a snack, but also during a high tea.

English scones
British scones


Flapjacks are sweet dense cakes made from oats, golden syrup, and melted butter. They are sold in stores in England, but the fresh ones are the best! When someone brought us Flapjacks, we couldn’t stop ourselves from eating Flapjacks, and they all were gone by the end of the day!

English tea

England is better known as the ‘country of tea’, so it is a good experience to drink tea in England. A great drink to have with the desserts or snacks, or to enjoy during a high tea.

English tea
English tea

We hope you have a great trip to England or that you enjoyed those desserts and snacks at home. Feel free to send us some more British desserts and snacks that you liked! Moreover, we also wrote a blog about British meals to try. Do you want to get to know some places to visit during your trip? Have a look at this website for some great places!

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