Are you looking for inspiration or ideas of what to eat for dinner tonight? You should try out a typical Dutch dinner! Do you want to try out a new dish, explore a new cuisine or are you just curious about the Dutch cuisine? Or are you maybe traveling to the Netherlands anytime soon?

Typical Dutch things
These are typical Dutch things

Even though the Netherlands isn’t really known for their cuisine, they have some delicious meals you surely want to taste. You should really try these Dutch dishes when you’re in the Netherlands or cook them at home by downloading some lovely recipes.


Here are some ideas of meals you could have for dinner tonight.

meal number 1: meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Dutch Dinner meal: aardappelen, vlees, groente

The most typical Dutch meal we can think of is an “AVG-tje”. This meal consists of potatoes, meat and vegetables. It’s usually eaten with some gravy. There are lots of Dutchies who eat this every day; each day they have different meat and vegetables along with the potatoes. It cannot get more Dutch than this!

meal number 2: asparagus Hollandaise

Dutch Dinner meal: asparagus

It’s not proven that this dish is typically Dutch and that it found its origin in the Netherlands… But the name is Dutch and Dutch people like it, so we consider it as a Dutch dinner dish. Eat the asparagus with ham, a boiled egg and Hollandaise sauce and we bet you’ll love this meal too!

Want to know how to make these dishes? Then download our Dutch recipe guide!

meal number 3: stamppot

Dutch dinner meal:  Kale to have with stamppot

Stamppot is a very typical Dutch dish that comes in lots of variations. Usually, stammpot is eaten in winter & can be considered The Netherlands’ national dish. This is Dutch comfort cooking—mashed potatoes and curly kale served with a Dutch smoked sausage, known as rookworst. 

Have fun cooking a typical Dutch meal to eat tonight!

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