The dutch cuisine is traditional, simple and straightforward. Dutch dishes usually contain many vegetables and meat. Typically, people in the Netherlands eat bread with toppings like Nutella, cheese, ham or other meat for lunch or breakfast. The dishes Dutch people eat for dinner usually consists of potatoes, vegetables and meat.

Simple and delicious Dutch dishes

To be honest, the Dutch cuisine isn’t really adventurous or special. That’s funny though, considering the Dutch ruled the spice trade for over a hundred years. But, even though most Dutch dishes aren’t really exciting; that doesn’t mean that the things people eat in The Netherlands aren’t delicious! Oh and by the way, isn’t it ideal to cook a meal that isn’t that hard to make? We’ve got several simple recipes of typical Dutch dishes that you really have to try out!

Dutch dishes to eat for dinner

A typical Dutch meal to eat for dinner is stamppot. Stamppot is also known as the Netherlands’ favourite winter comfort food. It’s literal translation is ‘mash pot’ and it’s the Dutch name for mashed potatoes, mixed with mashed vegetables. Usually, a stamppot also contains meat like bacon bits or a smoked sausage. Most people eat stamppot with gravy. There are many versions of stamppot with different vegetables, like: kale, carrots, onions and sauerkraut.

Dutch pancakes all day, in every size

You can eat them for breakfast, lunch and even for dinner: Dutch pancakes. Unlike the American ones or British pancakes or scones, pancakes in The Netherlands are usually thin. Cover your pancakes with savoury toppings, like bacon and cheese or top off your pancake with sweet toppings like syrup, fruit and powdered sugar. This Dutch dish is só delicious, we bet you’ll love it too.

Because the Dutch love their pancakes so much, they also have a snack variant: poffertjes. Poffertjes are (very) small and fluffy pancakes, usually eaten as a Dutch snack with powdered sugar. When you visit Amsterdam, you’ll come across different stalls (Dutch: kraampjes) on markets that sell poffertjes.

Convinced? Visit the Netherlands or download some recipes