Are you traveling to England soon and you want to know what traditional British food you should really try during your trip? Or do you want to know what typical British meals you can cook at home? Then you’re in the right place here! We will tell you all about which meals to try during your travels to England.

English breakfast

To start the day in a good way, nothing is better than a typical English breakfast! This traditional British food can be found in many places, be they hotels, B&B´s or private homes. And English breakfast often includes toast, beans in tomato sauce, sausages, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and bacon.

English breakfast
English breakfast

English lunch

Here I listed several typical dishes from England.

Fish and Chips

Most of you have probably heard of the term fish & chips. This meal can without exaggeration be called the quintessential traditional british food. A fried fish, fries, a sprinkle of lemon and an old newspaper to serve it in, that is all you need to enjoy Fish&Chips. If you want to taste the British culture, this dish is a must try!

English Fish and Chips, the quintessential traditional British food
Fish and chips

Pie and Mash

In for some more very british food? Pie and Mash is another great way to get to know the English food culture. This British meal can be found on many places, including the Raven Pub in Bath. It is a former working-class food, made from ingredients that were easy to get and cheap to buy. The pie is a dough pastry filled with minced meat, alongside which is served a helping of mashed potatoes. This is often combined with a green parsley sauce, and jellied eels.

The raven pub in Bath
the Raven pub in Bath

Sunday roast

Another typical British meal is Sunday roast, which consists of roasted meat, roasted potatoes, typical English Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy.

Sunday roast, traditional British food
Sunday roast

Jacket Potato

The so called ‘Jacket potato’ is another tasty traditional British food. Its main ingredient is, who could have guessed it, a potato. Said potato is baked in the oven until it is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It is then cut open and garnished with butter, sour cream or other condiments. This is a compact, easy and fast, yet surprisingly tasty dish that you should try if you get the chance.

Jacket potato, British side order
Jacket potato

We hope you have a great trip to England, and feel free to send us some more English meals that you come across! We also wrote a blog about British snacks and desserts to try. Want to get to know some places to visit during your trip? Have a look at this website for some great travel tips!

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