Do you like street food? There are various street foods in Korea. Bungeoppang, tteokbokki, hotteok and so on. You can easily try it if you walk around the streets in Korea. I hope you remember and try it in Korea!

  • Bungeoppang

When you see this, what do you think? It’s weird because it looks like a fish? If Koreans meet Bungeoppang, which is sold only during the winter, everyone runs for it. Koreans who usually use cards carry paper money in their pockets for Bungeoppang. Crispy outside, moist inside, and sweet red beans melt the winter cold. Don’t judge by appearances. It’s very delicious.

  • Tteokbokki

There is street food in every country. When asked what Korean street food is famous for, everyone picks tteokbokki without having to think about it. Sweet and spicy sauce and chewy tteokbokki make perfect harmony. The fishcake, eggs, and fried foods served together are also the best. If you meet Tteokbokki during a trip to Korea, I recommend you to try it.

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