People who like to travel would want to try the country’s food. Korea has a variety of traditional foods, which are hard to count. Before you visit Korea, let’s find out what foods you must try.

1. Kimchi

Kimchi is the representative food of Korea. It is a menu that comes with other food at home or in restaurants. Depending on kind of vegetables, there are various kinds of kimchi. For example, cabbage kimchi, green onion kimchi, and so on.

2. Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal is the most familiar pork to Koreans. Koreans should eat at least once a week to say they had a good week. Samgyeopsal, which is not excluded from family meals, but also from drinking. It is also easy for anyone to enjoy at an affordable price. The soybean paste stew that comes with it is especially good and must be served with it.

3. Korea Fried Chicken

Aren’t all chicken the same? Why Is Korean Fried Chicken Separate? If you try Korean fried chicken, you won’t need answers to questions. Korean fried chicken is as crispy as a snack and savory and tender meat. Spicy sauce or sweet garlic sauce with chicken is by far the best.

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