Thailand – cultural must try Thai food

Thai food is something I personally really like! The meals are totally different from European food which makes it a great experience. Are you traveling to Thailand soon or do you want to make some Thai food yourself? Here I listed several must-try Thai dishes. Spicy food is typical for Thailand. However, for tourists there is often the possibility to request non-spicy. Curries from Thailand Thailand knows many different curries, and we listed some of the best known ones that you should definitely try! Moreover all curries can be made either with meat (chicken, pork or meat), tofu or with only vegetables, so it is also a great option for vegetarians. The curries are the best in combination with rice. Massaman curry To start with my favorite; Massaman curry. Massaman curry is not a very spicy curry, compared to the other Thai curries. It is a red colored curry filled … Continue reading Thailand – cultural must try Thai foodRead More