Have you ever been to China? There are various types of Chinese street food!

No matter which country you travel to, it is almost always fun to enjoy the countries local food. Speaking about local food, some of the most traditional and popular food of any country can be found in night markets and on streets. Of course, in a country as large as China, called the continent, street food is all different, but I would like to introduce some of the street foods that Chinese people enjoy eating.

1.Jianbing; Chinese street food

Jianbing is one of the more popular street foods throughout China. To make this dish, which is somewhat similar to a crépe; knead rice flour and spread it thinly on an iron plate. Put eggs, green onions, and crispy fries on top of that, and add a spicy, sweet sauce. Add toppings like sausages and bacon if you need them. One meal is enough for a full stomach, and it is one of the foods that Chinese people often choose as a quick substitute for breakfast.

2. Grilled cold noodles; another great Chinese street food

Our next entry is a Chinese street food called kao liang mian. It consists of roasted noodles with egg. To make it, you wash and cook the eggs with various vegetables (green onions, enoki mushrooms, onions) and sausages, and sprinkle spicy and sweet sauce on them. Naengmyeon noodles are very chewy and the combination of sauce, eggs, and vegetables is a very harmonious dish. If you don’t like the scent of cilantro, you should ask them to take out the cilantro before you make the food. “No coriander, please.” (bu tao xiang cai)

3. Lamb skewers

In China, you can enjoy a variety of cheap skewers sold by street vendors. Lamb skewers are one of the most beloved street foods in China. Especially, Urumqi lamb skewers are really delicious because they are soft and big. If you have a chance to go to Xinjiang, I strongly recommend you try it!

4. Malatang; Chinese street food

chinese street food malatang Source: Pixabay
malatang Source: Pixabay

Malatang is a famous Chinese street food that was first made in Sichuan Province, China, the origin of many spicy foods. From there, it spread throughout China. Malatang is made of mala’s unique spicy and tingling broth, and you can add various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, fish cakes, and sausages to your liking.

In the end, there are so many delicious street foods all over China. I must mention that the upholding of hygiene standards is not at all guaranteed here. However, street food is cheap, and it offers you the possibility to get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the people there, and experience their food culture first hand.

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