Do you know how to eat Samgyeopsal? Samgyeopsal is a part of pork. It is the pork that Koreans eat most often, and everyone’s favorite regardless of age. Since Samgyeopsal itself is so delicious, it goes well with many foods. Let’s find out about three foods (Samgyeopsal recipes) that go well with Grilled Korean Pork Belly.

Samgyeopsal recipe - Source: Pixabay
Samgyeopsal recipe
Source: Pixabay

Three ways to enjoy Samgyeopsal

Kimchi (to eat Samgyeopsal)

Korean food recipe, kimchi - Source: Pixabay
Samgyeopsal recipe – kimchi
Source: Pixabay

The Korean recipe kimchi plays an important role on the grill just as samgyeopsal. With people’s attention focused on the moment they put samgyeopsal and kimchi on the grill, one focuses on grilling meat and the other on grilling kimchi. The degree of kimchi being grilled is as important as the degree to which samgyeopsal is grilled, and when it is slightly orangeish and the edges are cooked to a crisp extent, it is just right. The location is important here, too. it tastes better if you put samgyeopsal oil on the bottom so that it flows down to the kimchi and cook it’s cooked in the pork oil. However, we should put aside our health thoughts here for a while when eating this samgyeopsal recipe.

The best way to eat Samgyeopsal is with this amazing BBQ set!


How to eat samgyeopsal, nangmyeon - Source: Pixabay
Samgyeopsal recipe – nangmyeon

When asked about the relationship between samgyeopsal recipes and naengmyeon, it is defined in one word. They are indispensable to each other. The image of the Korean food naengmyeon wrapped around samgyeopsal in its arms as if it were a love-hate relationship. Naengmyeon is divided into so-called mul(water)-naengmyeon and bibim-naengmyeon, both of which are popular. The combination of bibimmyeon and samgyeopsal is also famous for similar combinations. Once you taste this Korean food it, you are fascinated by the taste that you can never get out of


Korean recipe, jjigae - source:pixabay
Samgyeopsal recipe – jjigae

This Korean recipe has the charm of embracing everything in the world like a mother. Any ingredients, such as vegetables, meat, or seafood, boast excellent taste, especially samgyeopsal kimchi stew with sliced samgyeopsal, which is more delicious than regular kimchi stew. Usually, if you order rice from a samgyeopsal restaurant, doenjang jjigae is served as a service, which is spicy with red pepper powder and is also addictive.

There’s a lot of ways to eat samgyeopsal! How about you having it for dinner tonight? Don’t forget to check out our page about Korean street food for more Korean food recipes! And check out this page for more Samgyeopsal recipes!

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