The Italian cuisine might be the most popular one in the world. Italian food is popular all over the world, and with good reason. The Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the finest worldwide.  Ask a random person what their favorite cuisine or food is and chances are big they’ll mention Italian food, like lasagna, noodles or pizza. Italian food however is more than just spaghetti, lasagna and pizza. Every region in Italy has its own dishes and regional specialties. The Italians prepare their food according to local culinary traditions, which have benn developed and refined for centuries. Today, we want to take a look at some delicious Italian food items.

5x: facts about Italian food

Did you know that…

  1. The Italian cuisine can be considered as healthy?! People often think Italian food consists of too many calories and carbs. But the Italian cuisine is actually kind of healthy. Ingredients are mostly fresh and balanced.
  2. In Italy, wine is present at the table at every meal?! Not only do Italians adore this drink, they are also known as some of the best wine producers. Each region of Italy produces wine from its own vineyards, and Italians know how to consume wine really well.
  3. Sauces are a very important part of the Italian cuisine?! There are over 10 000 types of sauces in Italy.
  4. Italy is one of the main rice producers in Europe? Besides pasta, Italians also love rice, just like they do in Thailand.
  5. There’s no such thing as Italian cuisine without cheese? There are many types of cheese in Italy. Italians add it to everything: pasta, sauces, dressings, soups, and even in their desserts. Mascarpone, Mozarella and Parmigiano are the most respected Italian cheeses.

The most popular Italian food

From regional specialties to the finest seasonal delicacies… There’s an infinite number of Italian dishes that you absolutely need to try. For example, there’s coffee, ice cream, pasta, pizza, salads and much more. You’ll definitely need to visit Italy more than once to taste the best meals. So, that’s reason enough to plan multiple trips to this culinary country! (alternately, find a good Italian restaurant nearby 😛 )

But, don’t be sad that you can’t try everything during that one trip to Italy. We’ve come up with a little bucket list of Italian foods for you to try on your next journey to Bella Italia. These are the dishes that everyone should try at least once when they visit this beautiful country. The heart and soul of the various, culinary and tradional Italian cuisine summed up:

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  1. Pizza
    An oven-baked, flat, usually round-shaped bread. You cover a pizza with several ingredients. Ingredients can for example be: tomato sauce, cheese, olive oil and other toppings.
  2. Lasagna
    An oven-baked pasta dish. It consists of layers of sheet-shaped pasta.They layer the pasta with ingredients and sauces. Examples of these ingredients and saces are: cheese and/or bechamel sauce, tomato sauce, various meats and vegetables.
  3. Risotto
    A rice dish typically served as a primo. Except in Milan; there they traditionally also serve it as a side dish with ossobucco, for example. and which can be flavored in a hundred different ways.
  4. Focaccia
    A kind of flat bread made in the much the same way as pizza. They season it with olive oil, herbs, vegetables and/or cheese. It is typical of Liguria, Piedmont, Sicily, Veneto, Marche and Umbria.
  5. Bruschetta
    A classic Italian appetizer or pre-appetizer. Usually, they season it with olive oil and for example freshly cut tomatoes or garlic.

Thats it for this blog. Thank you for reading! If we have got you interested in more recipes and ideas from Italy, check out this page!

If we’ve missed your favorite Italian food on this list, please let us know in the comments below and tell us what your favorite Italian meal is!

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