What is traditional Japanese food?
Before you know it, it will be easy to understand if you know the geographical features of Japan.
Japan is rich in seafood because all sides are surrounded by the sea, and can get many crops depending on the season. It also has the characteristic of cooking rice, making it a staple food with side by side.

What is food to Japanese people?

The Japanese are very interested in food culture. The Japanese value self-growth achieved by experiencing new foods. Japanese people tend to put greater value on eating and feeling happy even when they eat the same food.


It is a Japanese noodle dish that, as many people know, has various kinds of garnish on the chubby noodle. Also, depending on the region of Japan, how to eat and garnish are different.

Inaniwa Udon, Mizusawa Udon, and Sanuki Udon are known as Japan’s representative Udon.
Udon is also divided into udon with warm soup and udon without soup.

2. SUSHI in Japanese food

It is the representative food of Japan and when I think of Japanese food, I think of sushi. It is a food that is popular all over the world.

Most sushi is made from fish, but for those who can’t eat fish, sushi is made with various ingredients such as meat and eggs, so you can enjoy it all.


There are also many different kinds of food (Donkotsu Ramen, Soyou Ramen, Shioramen, Misiramen) that many people are looking for. When ordering food, you can choose your taste and enjoy eating it as it is a variety of food.

4. OKONOMIYAKI in Japanese food

It is a food of Osaka, a representative area of Japan.
With iron plate food, you can eat flour dough with meat, squid, cabbage, eggs and other ingredients.
Also, you can eat according to your taste in Kansai and Hiroshima.

5. Tonkatsu

The thick pork is a representative dish of Japan, seasoned with salt and pepper, and fried with flour, eggs, and bread crumbs.

In Japan, there is a custom of eating tonkatsu on the eve of the test, because it has the same pronunciation as katsu which means winning and passing, so there is a custom of eating tonkatsu on the day before the test.

The traditional Japanese food in Japan are very delicious. I recommend you to try it!

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