Finland is known for its cold weather, the northern lights, fish and reindeer! But do you know some typical Finnish food? Here we will tell you something about the Finnish culture and its food!

Finnish food culture

Finnish food often has natural taste as spices aren’t really much used since Finnish people don’t prefer them. The Finnish cuisine has a lot of Fish and meat (pork, beef or reindeer). Also, the cold weither influences the Finnish food culture, as the weather is not ideal to grow herbs and vegetables.

Finnish recipes often includes wholemeal products (rye, barley, oats) and berries (including bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, and sea buckthorn).

Lapland, Talvi, Lumi, Maisema, Talvinen

Reindeer meat (Poronkäristys recipe)

The first typical Finnish recipe; Reindeer meat (Poronkäristys). It is one of the most common dishes especially in Lapland, where this animal lives. In the south its more of a luxury. Poronkäristys is a dish which includes the steak or back of the reindeer, which is thinly sliced, fried in fat, spiced with salt and pepper, and cooked in water, cream, or beer until tender. This Finnish cuisine is then served with sugared lingonberries, mashed potatoes and cucumber pickles.

Finnish food - Reindeer meat, Poronkäristys
Finnish food – Poronkäristys recipe

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Rye bread (Ruisleipä)

Another cultural Finnish recipe is Rye bread. Finnish yeasts is used which gives it a dark, dense character. This typical Finnish recipe is often dried into thin crisp to be eaten with butter.

Finnish food - Rye bread
Finnish food – Ruisleipä

Salmon – typical Finnish food

Finland is the perfect place to find many fish. This makes that Salmon is one of the cultural Finnish dishes. Salmon has a lot of different variatons on how to make it. You can eat it raw, blaze it in an open fire or make a soup for example. Graavilohi (cured salmon) is one of the recipes they like to make in Finland. This Finnish recipe includes raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill. Its usually eaten with a dill or mustard sauce on bread or with boiled potatoes.

Finnish food - Salmon
Finnish food – Fire blazed salmon

Enjoy your Finnish food! For more tasty Finnish food recipes check out Finnish food recipes. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite Finnish recipe!

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