Food wise, when traveling to Italy, there are a few places you definitely don’t want to miss. The Italian cuisine is a very various one. Did you know that every region of Italy has its own famous dishes? Once we can travel again, you should definitely try the following foods in these cities and regions.

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Must try foods in Rome, Italy

The ancient city of Rome, Italy. Source: Pixabay
The ancient city of Rome, Italy. Source: Pixabay

Every food lover and traveler should visit Rome. This beautiful, ancient Italian city has so much to offer. Its culinary scene is stronger than ever.  We have listed some of the foods you don’t want to miss when traveling to Rome, Italy.

Exploring Rome with a local food tour

Because Rome is such a “foodie city”, there are lots of options on booking a nice tour which guides you through the culinary streets of Rome. On TripAdvisor you can see which tours are the best.

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Compare them with each other and choose a food tour through Rome based on your own wishes. Do you wish to explore authentic Italian food, Italian streetfood or would you maybe like to do a tour completely focused on wine & food? There are so many options!

Pasta dishes to try in Rome

These are some typical pasta Dishes you should try when you travel to Rome. Find a nice restaurant to enjoy these lovely meals paired with some delicious wine.

  • Rigatoni Carbonara: a super creamy pasta with a rich Roman sauce. This pasta with cheese and pork is delicious. This dish is really well known in Rome, so make sure you search for a good restaurant to eat this. Don’t fall for tourist traps!
  • Bucatini Amatriciana: Rome’s most famous and maybe even most delicious) pasta dish. Enjoy this dish with a really nice Italian wine.
  • Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe: this Roman creation is one of the wonders of the Italian cuisine. So, there’s absolutely no better place to eat this than in Rome.

Must try foods in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany. Source: Pixabay
Tuscany. Source: Pixabay

Simplicity, seasonal foods and local produce: that’s the Tuscan cuisine. Just like every other region in Italy, Tuscany offers delicious and unique dishes based on its own history, traditions and location.

Tuscan food is about simple meals. This part of the Italian cuisine doesn’t use complicated seasonings or difficult creations. It’s all about simplicity, freshness and high-quality ingredients. These bring out the natural flavors in each meal.

So, there’s plenty of traditionally hearty, delicious meals to find when you travel to Tuscany. These are some dishes you might want to try when you travel to Tuscany in Italy.

  • Tagliatelle Al Tartufo: pasta covered in a truffle sauce
  • Papa Al Pomodoro: delicious tomato soup
  • Pappardelle Alla Lepre: egg noodles in a strong-sauce made from wild hare
Who doesn't love a delicious pasta? Food lovers can eat their heart out in Italy! Source: Pixabay
Who doesn’t love a delicious pasta? Food lovers can eat their heart out in Italy! Source: Pixabay

Want to know more about cooking Italian in an authentic way?

Just like many others I’m excited about this book by St. Martin’s Griffin: culinary archaeologist, innovator and cooking teacher. He has kept centuries-old culinary traditions alive. That’s authentic!

Italy is every travel & food lover’s dream

We hope you enjoyed this Italian food travel guide. Enjoy tasting all of these lovely Italian flavors when you travel to these fantastic places! Have you ever been to Italy? Or do you want to travel to Italy? Let us know in the comments below!

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