France is known for its wine and warm weather during summer, but what do you know about French food? I went to France many times during summer vacation, just like many others, and I thought it is worth sharing some delicious French food with you. You can enjoy the food at home or while you’re traveling to France!

French food – Baguette

French Baguette

I still remember my dad going to the French supermarket in the morning to get baguette. From origin the baguette comes from Austria, but through the years it became more and more French.

Aligot – Potato with cheese


Aligot is cheese mixed with potato, which is made in the region L’Aubrac. We tried this for the first time on a food market in the Aveyron (in a small village next to the river Lot), and I really liked the taste! We tried making it at home later on, but it never gets as good as in France itself!



The name already sounds very French, and the translation is ‘between the ribs’. Entrecote is a piece of meat which comes from a cow, preferable eaten medium-rare.

Tarte Tatin – French dessert

Tarte tatin, French dessert

Another typical French dish with a typical French name; Tarte Tatin. This French dessert is an apple pie upside down, with caramelized apples. Find a recipe to bake the Tarte Tatin at home here!



You might already know meringue, a delicious sweet made from egg and sugar. The best meringues can be found in French bakeries, but you can also try to bake them at home!



Last but not least; macaron. These are round light cookies with soft filling. They exist in many different tastes, such as strawberry, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry.

Hopefully we gave you some inspiration on what to eat during your trip to France or what to French food to cook while staying at home! Feel free to leave a comment to let us know what you thought of the food!

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