About us - Travels for Foods
About us - Travels for Foods

Travels for Foods is a school project of 5 students that study at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, The Netherlands. We are following the international minor ‘digital marketing‘. Getting a strategic advantage for your organization via Digital Channels. That’s what the minor is all about.

In addition to gaining knowledge about internet marketing techniques, we will apply our skills, practically. That’s why we had to develop a website along with a digital strategy. We were free to choose a subject of our liking. So, we began thinking of a cool subject for our website and quickly came to the conclusion that there are 2 things we all really like: food & traveling. And that’s when and how ‘Travels for Foods’ originated.

Travels for foods wants to bring food & traveling together

We are all really different. We have different hobbies, speak different languages and even come from different countries. But since we all really like traveling and food; those are the things that bring us together. So, we decided to bring food and traveling together on this website.

We find it important to appreciate the local. We’re interested in exploring different countries and we think local food is part of the overall cultural travel experience. And that’s the message we want to spread.

Travels for foods: our mission

Travels for Foods stands for bringing you a taste of what
happens at the world of foods. We want you to discover fantastic places along
with fantastic food. Also, besides
giving you the best travel experience by providing info about cultural foods,
we aim to inspire you to cook international meals at home!

Download the
recipes of Travels for Foods

We aim to inspire you to cook international meals at home by providing lots of easy and delicious recipes. You can download our recipes for free. The recipes can be found on the different blog pages selected per country. For example, we have recipes of Italian, Thai, German and Dutch food.

Travels for Foods has selected the most delicious and easy recipes for you. Discover cuisines from all around the world, get out of your comfort zone by choosing a dish you didn’t know about and get cooking! Good luck with cooking the most delicious dishes!

Do you have questions or do you want to get into contact with us? We'd love to help you out! Fill in our contact form to get in contact with us, the creators of the website!

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