French wine and grapes

France is known for its wine and warm weather during summer, but what do you know about French food? I went to France many times during summer vacation, just like many others, and I thought it is worth sharing some delicious French food with you. You can enjoy the food at home or while you’re traveling to France! French food – Baguette I still remember my dad going to the French supermarket in the morning to get baguette. From origin the baguette comes from Austria, but through the years it became more and more French. Aligot – Potato with cheese Aligot is cheese mixed with potato, which is made in the region L’Aubrac. We tried this for the first time on a food market in the Aveyron (in a small village next to the river Lot), and I really liked the taste! We tried making it at home later on,Read More

Are you as happy as we are with those series; cooking in quarantine?! There is no way to better spent your days then with cooking, and we help you with that! We already gave you some recipes to cook during quarantine, but here are some more great ideas to cook during your quarantine! Scones with jam and clotted cream Do you remember the scones we wrote about in our post about British Snacks and Desserts? The past couple of weeks I made them several times and I can’t get enough of them, so I would like to share the recipe I use with you! Ingredients (for 16 scones): 500 gram self-raising flour 5 tea-spoons baking powder 1 tea-spoon salt 2 bags of vanilla sugar 4 dinner-spoons granulated sugar 100 gram non-salted butter 2 eggs 150 ml semi-skimmed milk For the topping: Jam (strawberry or raspberry) Clotted cream Put all ingredientsRead More

Pizza. Source: Pixabay

Pizza might be the most popular and famous food in the world. Who doesn’t love a good pizza?! This dish has reached worldwide popularity and has invaded other continents like Asia and America. The best thing about this round shaped food is that you can eat and it in every way you’d like. Just add some toppings of your own choice and create a different pizza each time. Keep reading for tips on how to make the best pizza at home and get inspiration for the best pizza topping ideas! The base: thick or thin crust pizza? Thick crust pizzas are considered to be the most traditional form of pizza’s. The advantage of this type of pizza is that you can top it off with as many toppings as you’d like. Because of the thickness of these pizza’s, they take longer to cook in the oven. A thin crust is much thinnerRead More

Food wise, when traveling to Italy, there are a few places you definitely don’t want to miss. The Italian cuisine is a very various one. Did you know that every region of Italy has its own famous dishes? Once we can travel again, you should definitely try the following foods in these cities and regions. We hope you enjoy this free travel/food guide about Rome and Tuscany. Follow us on Facebook if you don’t want to miss anything about our new posts! Must try foods in Rome, Italy Every food lover and traveler should visit Rome. This beautiful, ancient Italian city has so much to offer. Its culinary scene is stronger than ever.  We have listed some of the foods you don’t want to miss when traveling to Rome, Italy. Exploring Rome with a local food tour Because Rome is such a “foodie city”, there are lots of options onRead More

Finland is known for its cold weather, the northern lights, fish and reindeer! But do you know some typical Finnish food? Here we will tell you something about the Finnish culture and its food! Finnish food culture Finnish food often has natural taste as spices aren’t really much used since Finnish people don’t prefer them. The Finnish cuisine has a lot of Fish and meat (pork, beef or reindeer). Also, the cold weither influences the Finnish food culture, as the weather is not ideal to grow herbs and vegetables. Finnish recipes often includes wholemeal products (rye, barley, oats) and berries (including bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, and sea buckthorn). Reindeer meat (Poronkäristys recipe) The first typical Finnish recipe; Reindeer meat (Poronkäristys). It is one of the most common dishes especially in Lapland, where this animal lives. In the south its more of a luxury. Poronkäristys is a dish which includes the steakRead More

This is part 2 of my series “the tastiest-sounding Polish dishes” and it’s about Makowiec. Have you seen part 1 already? What is Makowiec? Now for something different. Something exciting. Something that might even be illegal. Wait what? You heard me right. Makowiec, also known as the poppy seed roll of legal questionability is a sweet cake from Poland. One begins making it by creating a sweetened yeast dough. This is then covered in a filling made from poppy seeds, raisins and and caramelized fruit. Finally, you roll that sucker up and boom, you have this Polish cake, or Polish dessert; Makoviec! Sounds delicious, looks delicious, and probably is. But it does make me question if I should regret not trying it. Cake from Poland Here is the issue. While being much beloved in all of Poland as a snack and dessert, and counted as a traditional Christmas dish, itRead More

(That i didn’t try but totally should have – Part 1) Have you ever been to Poland? I have. Nice country, really; with friendly people, good beer and some amazing food. Speaking of food, a confession: I didn’t get to try these particular dishes when I went there. This is mostly because we were staying at a hostel that served relatively international meals. We did go to restaurants, but not very often. Looking at it now, I should have done research beforehand, because I missed out on some amazing-sounding food! So, without further ado, this blog covers some dishes I read about that make me regret not getting to try them. Hopefully this will help prevent some of you guys from missing out on it as well! Rosół: This is a traditional polish meat soup, most commonly made as a clear chicken soup with noodles. For the vegetarians out there,Read More

The Italian cuisine might be the most popular one in the world. Italian food is popular all over the world, and with good reason. The Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the finest worldwide.  Ask a random person what their favorite cuisine or food is and chances are big they’ll mention Italian food, like lasagna, noodles or pizza. Italian food however is more than just spaghetti, lasagna and pizza. Every region in Italy has its own dishes and regional specialties. The Italians prepare their food according to local culinary traditions, which have benn developed and refined for centuries. Today, we want to take a look at some delicious Italian food items. 5x: facts about Italian food Did you know that… The Italian cuisine can be considered as healthy?! People often think Italian food consists of too many calories and carbs. But the Italian cuisine is actually kind of healthy. IngredientsRead More

As some of you may already know, I am from Germany. Having visited several other countries, I have noticed quite some differences when it comes to culinary habits and personal tastes. While I am a proponent of “to each their own” when it comes to food, it is undeniable that the food we grew up with can make us feel closer to home, or be something we miss dearly when abroad. So today, for everyone interested, I want to talk about traditional German food. In particular, I want to talk about my favourites among that: Rouladen Description: A German classic and also an absolute favourite of mine. When it comes to traditional German food, accept no substitutes! Popular especially during the colder months, but served throughout the year, their precise origins are unclear. What matters is that we have them, and they are amazing! Creation: For this dish, slices ofRead More

The dutch cuisine isn’t really a famous or popular one. You’ll be missing out if you don’t know any Dutch food, though, because in The Netherlands they have some really good dishes. I mean, have you ever eaten Dutch pancakes or bitterballen? They’re heaven! Find out about the best Dutch food in this blog, cook some of these recipes yourself and we bet you’ll fall in love with the Dutch cuisine! Try cooking Dutch food and figure it out for yourself! Compared to other countries, people in The Netherlands have dinner quite early. Most Dutch people eat their dinner between 5 and 6 pm and a typical Dutch dinner usually consists of a combination of potatoes, meat and some vegetables. 5x: Dutch meals & recipes worth trying We made a list of food you should try when you come to The Netherlands. When you’re not planning on visiting The NetherlandsRead More