Are you as happy as we are with those series; cooking in quarantine?! There is no way to better spent your days then with cooking, and we help you with that! We already gave you some recipes to cook during quarantine, but here are some more great ideas to cook during your quarantine! Scones with jam and clotted cream Do you remember the scones we wrote about in our post about British Snacks and Desserts? The past couple of weeks I made them several times and I can’t get enough of them, so I would like to share the recipe I use with you! Ingredients (for 16 scones): 500 gram self-raising flour 5 tea-spoons baking powder 1 tea-spoon salt 2 bags of vanilla sugar 4 dinner-spoons granulated sugar 100 gram non-salted butter 2 eggs 150 ml semi-skimmed milk For the topping: Jam (strawberry or raspberry) Clotted cream Put all ingredientsRead More

British high tea

Are you traveling to England soon and do you want to know what British desserts and snacks you should really try before the end of your trip? Then you’re on the right place here! We will tell you all about which desserts and snacks to eat during your travels to England. British Crumble with custard As a dessert crumble with custard is the perfect go to British food. The most standard is to have apple crumble. However, during blackberry season they also have blackberry crumble as a dessert at some places, which we absolutely recommend! British Scones Moreover scones with clotted cream and jam is a perfect sweet bite. This is tasty as a snack, but also during a high tea. Flapjacks Flapjacks are sweet dense cakes made from oats, golden syrup, and melted butter. They are sold in stores in England, but the fresh ones are the best! WhenRead More

British meals

Are you traveling to England soon and you want to know what traditional British food you should really try during your trip? Or do you want to know what typical British meals you can cook at home? Then you’re in the right place here! We will tell you all about which meals to try during your travels to England. English breakfast To start the day in a good way, nothing is better than a typical English breakfast! This traditional British food can be found in many places, be they hotels, B&B´s or private homes. And English breakfast often includes toast, beans in tomato sauce, sausages, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and bacon. English lunch Here I listed several typical dishes from England. Fish and Chips Most of you have probably heard of the term fish & chips. This meal can without exaggeration be called the quintessential traditional british food. A friedRead More