Are you as happy as we are with those series; cooking in quarantine?! There is no way to better spent your days then with cooking, and we help you with that! We already gave you some recipes to cook during quarantine, but here are some more great ideas to cook during your quarantine! Scones with jam and clotted cream Do you remember the scones we wrote about in our post about British Snacks and Desserts? The past couple of weeks I made them several times and I can’t get enough of them, so I would like to share the recipe I use with you! Ingredients (for 16 scones): 500 gram self-raising flour 5 tea-spoons baking powder 1 tea-spoon salt 2 bags of vanilla sugar 4 dinner-spoons granulated sugar 100 gram non-salted butter 2 eggs 150 ml semi-skimmed milk For the topping: Jam (strawberry or raspberry) Clotted cream Put all ingredientsRead More

The dutch cuisine isn’t really a famous or popular one. You’ll be missing out if you don’t know any Dutch food, though, because in The Netherlands they have some really good dishes. I mean, have you ever eaten Dutch pancakes or bitterballen? They’re heaven! Find out about the best Dutch food in this blog, cook some of these recipes yourself and we bet you’ll fall in love with the Dutch cuisine! Try cooking Dutch food and figure it out for yourself! Compared to other countries, people in The Netherlands have dinner quite early. Most Dutch people eat their dinner between 5 and 6 pm and a typical Dutch dinner usually consists of a combination of potatoes, meat and some vegetables. 5x: Dutch meals & recipes worth trying We made a list of food you should try when you come to The Netherlands. When you’re not planning on visiting The NetherlandsRead More